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It’s a natural process for teeth to move the rest of your life. The retainers you will be given help to prevent this from occurring and they can be maintained for a long period of time. These retainers are usually intended to be used indefinitely in order to keep your teeth from shifting. This means that as long as you wear your retainers, your teeth should stay straight. As soon as stop wearing them, your teeth may move. You will be given a removable retainer for your top teeth, unless you choose an essix retainer, and will have a choice of 3 different retainers for your lower teeth. When picking a retainer consider your lifestyle and choose the type of retainer that is best for you. Choose well, and you will have the joy of a beautiful smile for many years to come.

Retainer Options

Permanent Retainers:

permanent-retainerThis is a permanent wire that goes behind your lower 4 front teeth in order to prevent your teeth from shifting. If anything appears wrong, or if it comes loose, you should call us immediately to have it checked. You may have it removed whenever you like, but it is likely that if you do your teeth will shift. If removed, we highly recommend replacing the fixed retainer with a removable retainer for nighttime use.


  • You can’t lose or forget to wear it
  • It is unlikely to cause any decay if cleaned regularly
  • Great for those who won’t wear a removable retainer as directed
  • It is not visible when you smile or speak and they do not impair your speech
  • If maintained properly it is less likely that your teeth will shift


  • Requires periodic monitoring by your general dentist and at some point it may require repair.
  • Thorough cleaning is a must. Plaque & tartar buildup are more common around a retainer, it can contribute to periodontal problems in patients with poor hygiene.
  • Care must be taken when eating certain foods. It is possible that the glue holding the retainer can come off of one or more teeth requiring repair without your knowledge, which can cause the teeth to shift.
  • IF BROKEN DO NOT REMOVE IT FROM YOUR TEETH! Call the office immediately for an appointment. Any repair to, re-bonding, or replacement of your retainer will result in an additional charge
    Repair/ Re-Bonding - $75.00
    Replacement - $225.00

Removable Retainers:

removable-retainerThese are the traditional retainers that have been used for over 100 years. They are made out of hard acrylic with a stainless steel bow that is spans across the front teeth from the right canine to the left canine. Should you choose to have removable retainers you will need to wear them regularly for 6 weeks except for when eating and brushing. Once 6 weeks have passed you can wear them to bed.


  • Well cared for retainers can last 10 or more & allow for better hygiene
  • Minor tooth movement can be corrected with adjustments to retainer
  • Easy to clean/ Maintain
  • There are no restrictions on the types of foods you may eat


  • May be difficult to speak with it in until you get used to wearing it
  • Any repair to retainer will result in an additional charge of $100.00
  • You are responsible for wearing them correctly and as directed or your teeth will shift back!!!! Repairable only by getting braces once again at an additional cost.
  • Can be lost easily. Replacement of your retainer will result in an additional charge of $275.00


Essix Retainers:

essix1essix2These are clear retainers made entirely of transparent plastic, which makes them less noticeable than traditional wire retainers. Should you choose to have essix retainers you will need to wear them regularly for 6 weeks except for when eating and brushing. After 6 weeks you can wear them to bed.


  • The essix retainer is not very noticeable, therefore, people can wear it in public without feeling embarrassed
  • They do not cover the roof of your mouth, so there should be no difficulty speaking


  • They will have to be replaced more frequently than a removable retainer – they have an average life span of only one - two years (patients that grind their teeth will wear through them quickly)
  • They are not adjustable
  • Replacement of your retainer will result in an additional charge of $275.00 per retainer
  • If this retainer is not cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis, it will turn yellow or gray


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to wear my retainers?

Yes!!It takes many months for your periodontal ligaments and bone to "remember" the new position of your teeth and keep them in place. The retainer helps keep them in their proper new positions. It's important to wear the retainer exactly as recommended. Otherwise, your teeth may shift, especially if you stop wearing your retainer in the first two years after your braces come off.

How long will I have my retainers?

If you stop wearing your retainer, even after a few years, your teeth may begin to move and shift. To avoid shifting and putting braces back on wear your retainer regularly for the rest of your life at least a few nights a week. Retainer Type Selection Form

Retainer Selection

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The orthodontic fee includes initial set of retainers and one year of retention. Additional charges will apply for replacement appliances and for any visits needed beyond one year of retention. If for any reason the patient is debanded early or account is past due any remaining balances will be due prior to scheduling deband.

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